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Sharing the Sounds of Bhakti Yoga


Every Tuesday night the Yoga Barn gets louder than usual as we come together for our Bhakti Yoga meet up and sing away our stress and worries.

Bhakti Yoga is rooted in the ancient tradition of Kirtan: call and response chanting of ancient sanskrit mantras to cleanse the heart and free the mind.

If you haven't experienced kirtan before, we hope you will enjoy the samples below.

These recordings are not professional, neither is our singing, so please excuse any rough edges. Kirtan is all about chanting with spirit, devotion and enthusiasm and that is what you will hear. 



Radha Ramana Haribol - traditional bhakti chant with Tracey


Closing kirtan: chanting the Maha Mantra with Ananga

Bhakti Yoga kirtan sessions are available every Tuesday evening from 8-9pm.
This workshop free of charge and open to everyone.

Class facilitator: Ananga.

Ananga has been practising Bhakti Yoga and leading kirtan for 25 years.

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